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Microservice Architecture: A realization.

Nine out of ten individuals who have come to this article likely have coded a monolith application or definitely at least have interacted with one, and the sole individual who has to google the meaning of monolith is a developer in Netflix who started his/her career a few years back. Yes, there are monoliths everywhere,… Continue reading Microservice Architecture: A realization.

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Architecting high availability design

In this post, I am going to tangentially touch a very complex and vast topic of load balancing the application and database and will design a possible HA application architecture. When someone mentions load balancing in IT, one perhaps immediately thinks of solutions or approaches to clustering the application servers to distribute the client requests… Continue reading Architecting high availability design

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Rapid Application Development with Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry is a Platform as a Service, that is PaaS, it helps in rapid application development by freeing developer from the hassle of application deployment and subsequent management of the run time. There are numerous tutorials out on internet to learn Cloud Foundry architecture and concepts therefore I will not focus on explaining CF… Continue reading Rapid Application Development with Cloud Foundry